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  • Cartoon Physics

    Dry Hopped Sour


    This beer was soured in our kettle and dry hopped with Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic.

    ABV : 5.3% IBU : 8
  • Ferris Brewer’s Day Off

    Coriander and Citra IPA


    Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. So cheers to Merit brewing for a badass day off with this IPA!

    ABV : 6.5% IBU : 25
  • Greened Out

    Mosaic Double IPA


    This IPA was double dry hopped exclusively with Mosaic. Soft and balanced, this beer really lets the Mosaic shine. Cheers

    ABV : 8.0% IBU : 35
  • 36 Chambers of Tangerine

    Tangerine Sour


    We tried to bring as much Tangerine as we could in this soft, crushable kettle sour. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • Left Handed Spatula

    Helles Lager


    Our Helle Lager is brewed with classic Hallertau Mittlefruh hops. We brewed this one for our homies in the kitchen who crush it everyday. Time to wipe down the bacon stretcher, grab your milk crate and enjoy!

    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 20
  • Maple Bay

    Fresh Pale Ale


    This pale ale was made exclusively with fresh Glacier, Cascade, Chinook and Centennial from Maple Bay Hop Farm. This beer is soft and crushable with a combination of citrus and grassy notes from the fresh hops. Cheers!

    ABV : 6.3% IBU : 20
  • Bullet Holes the Size of Matzo Balls

    Double IPA


    You guys will never believe me. When this double IPA was brewed there was tons of Citra and Columbus flying all over the place. Most amazing thing I ever saw!

    ABV : 8.0% IBU : 25
  • Biggest Little IPA in the World



    We used copious amount of oats to give this little IPA a big silky mouthfeel. Double Dry Hopped with Columbus, Mosaic and Eldorado this is a little hop bomb of a session IPA. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 22
  • Face Down Saaz Up

    Czech Pilsner


    We brought back one of our favorite taproom lagers, a Czech Pilsner. Crisp and Crushable. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 20
  • BCBA 2018 - 1st Place

    Suck It Trebek

    DDH Pale Ale


    Our most aggressively hopped pale ale to date. This beer was dry hopped long and dry hopped hard with Enigma, Chinook and Citra. The resulting beer is an absolute hop bomb of a pale ale that still remains sessionable. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 28
  • Berry Doesn't Fall Far From The Bush

    Kettle Sour


    Sour Bastard and Is that you Dad meet in this fruited kettle sour. A beverage to help you ease into those awkward encounters. Anyone for a game of catch?

    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 8
  • Blew Out My Flip Flop

    Pina Colada Sour


    We used an insane amount of pineapple in this sour which is complimented by a dose of toasted coconut. This one will help you hang on. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 8

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