Full Time Beers

  • British Columbia Beer Awards 2017 - 2nd Place



    German pilsner is characteristically dry and hoppy with a nice background bitterness. Ours is a classic example of the style brewed with Pilsner malt and hopped with Saphir and Spalt Select.

    4PK $15.95
    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 33
  • Trailbreaker

    Pale Ale

    This pale ale will likely come across more like a session IPA than most pale ales in the market. We kept the malt profile light so that the hops could shine.

    4PK $15.95
    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 35
  • Widowmaker


    Our signature IPA is made in the east coast style. This style of IPA is characterized by a light malt profile with a big pulpy body that is there to complement the intense juicy character coming from the hops.

    4PK $18.75
    ABV : 6.7% IBU : 50
  • Might As Well Go For A Soda

    Cherry Cola Gummy Sour

    Cherries and cola gummies were just some of the ingredients used to make this flash from the past. It’ll have you screaming for a liter of cola… meow. ⁠

    4PK $18.95
    ABV : 6% IBU : 8

Limited Release Beers

  • A Little Place Called Ssssquamish

    Citra & Strata Pale Ale


    Someplace windy, a place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capilano! I’m talkin’ bout a little place called Sssssqquuaaammmishh. ⁠

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 25
  • Big Gulps Huh, Welp See Ya Later

    Blue Raspberry Lemonade Sour


    Heaps of Raspberry with subtle Blueberry and Lemon Notes will take you back to those first sips of freedom during that inaugural unsupervised rip to the mini-mart. ⁠

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • It’s Frickin Freezing In Here

    Cryo IPA


    Look what you did to Mr. Bigglesworth. You know, I have one simple request, and that is to have good beer with frickin’ frozen hops tossed in it. Sub zero Citra and Cascade, you complete me.⁠

    ABV : 6.5% IBU : 35
  • Noch Einer

    German Amber Lager

    4PK $15.95

    Enjoy this German Dunkel! Prost!

    ABV : 4.8% IBU : 20
  • Where You Already Are

    Salted Lime Lager


    You can’t get so hung up on where you’d rather be, that you forget to make the most of where you are.⁠

    ABV : 4.5% IBU : 20
  • Does Someone Need A Hug?

    Barrel Aged Cafe Crisp Imperial Stout


    You did it! Congratulations! World’s best cup of coffee/ Great job, everybody! Great to meet you. We brewers try to stick to the five main food groups: lagers. malty lagers, stouts, coffee and candy bars. This beer ticks at least three of those boxes. so really, it’s a wholesome beverage. It makes us smile. Smiling’s our favourite.⁠

    ABV : 10% IBU : 35
  • Death Before Decaf

    Barrel Aged Dirty Chai Latte Imperial Stout⁠

    Single $11.99

    Death before download? A little grass downlow? No worries. Death before decaf. No caffeine? Not a chance. ⁠

    ABV : 10% IBU : 35
  • We Musn’t Dwell, No Not Today. We Can’t. Not On Rex Manning Day.⁠

    West Coast IPA


    Oh Rexy, you’re so sexy! Say no more, mon amour. A West Coast IPA with Citra and Sabro? I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren. In honour of Rex Manning Day enjoy this clean drinking IPA. Damn the man, save the empire!⁠

    ABV : 6.8% IBU : 45
  • Case Of The Mondays

    Peach, Pineapple, Guava Sour⁠


    Every now and again you forget about the cost and make a beer for the people. Over a ton of peach, Pineapple and Guava went in to create this absolute behemoth. So if you could go ahead and come in on Saturday, that would be great. ⁠

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • Irish Goodbye

    Dry Irish Stout


    The Irish know a thing or two about making stouts and how to make an exit. Studies have shown that you can save two whole days a year by not wasting time saying good-bye at social gatherings. You know what that means? More time for drinking this balanced and session-able stout. Pure genius.⁠

    ABV : 4% IBU : 20
  • I Don’t Know How Many Of You Are History Buffs⁠

    Bavarian Lager


    By golly we wanted to brew a lager but didn’t know what to make. The someone suggested a Bavarian Lager, ya know like they have in Germany. Well we made one and served it to this German fella and he said you know you’re not much of a brewer, but he’s a good guy ya know.⁠

    ABV : 5% IBU : 25
  • Protect Our Winters

    Pale Ale

    4PK $17.50

    As we continue to see crazier and crazier weather events every year, we have decided to refocus our fundraising efforts to support @ProtectOurWintersCanada, a national community of outdoor enthusiasts, professional athletes, and industry brands united to advocate for policy solutions to climate change. Get involved and become a POW Canada member today, it’s free to join, just visit ProtectOurWinters.ca. ⁠

    ABV : 4.5% IBU : 25

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