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  • Donny You're Out Of Your Element

    Vienna Lager


    Sometimes you wander into the middle of a situation with no frame of reference. We really hope this beer helps tie your day together. Shut the f@#k up Donnie!

    ABV : 5% IBU : 20
  • Daffy Twister Spread

    Pale Ale


    This beer is for all the planetary ski bum healers out there couch surfing their way to the next epic powder day. Brewed with Sultana, Southern Passion and Citra. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 25
  • Pool Shower

    Fruit Punch Sour


    Is there anything better than starting off your day with a half-gallon of kool-aid? Of course not because that’s what adult men do. Plus it’s low calorie and high in vitamin C. So go for that run, shower in the pool, and crush those 120 ozs of kool-aid big boy!⁠

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • Missed The Starting Gun

    13 Week Lager


    Brewed with Citra and conditioned in stainless for 13 weeks because no one told us not to. Clean, crisp and rounded the way we wish all our lagers could be brewed. Cheers!

    ABV : 5% IBU : 20
  • Habitual Line Stepper

    Strata IPA


    Strata and Citra unite in this beer for a cold blooded hop celebration. We consider Strata to be one of the baddest dankest hops of all time. Each sip will be like getting a face lick from the stickiest of the icky. Enjoy yourself!

    ABV : 6.75% IBU : 35
  • Turbo Lover

    Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


    Launching your taste buds into overdrive with a head-on collision of coconut & hazelnut. I’m your Turbo Lover!!! Tell me there’s no other.

    ABV : 12% IBU : 40
  • And In The Darkness Bind Them

    Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Conditioned on Maple Syrup


    Deep in the land of Squamish, in the fires of Backcountry Brewing, The Dark Lord John brewed an Imperial Stout and into his beer he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life. One beer to rule them all.

    ABV : 10% IBU : 40
  • When Life Gives You Lemons Just Say F The Lemons And Bail

    Pink Lemonade Sour


    Hey look, if you’re attacked by a Bear are you just going to give up mountain biking? You just got to put on that helmet and get back on that bike..

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • Water Sucks! It Really, Really Sucks

    Light Lager


    Water Sucks. It Really Really Really Really Really Really Sucks!

    ABV : 4.5% IBU : 20
  • Okay, I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't

    Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Conditioned on Vanilla Beans


    Merry Christmas ya filthy animal and a Happy New Year… I’m gunna give you to the count of three… to get your lousy, lyin’, lowdown, four flushing carcass out my door.. 1… 2…

    ABV : 10% IBU : 40
  • Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal

    Barrel Aged Imperial Stout With Coffee, Coconut, and Vanilla


    For the 2021 edition, a portion of our Keep The Change Imperial Stout has been resting in Heaven Hill Distillery Heavy Char Barrels for a year.

    ABV : 12% IBU : 30
  • The Weather Outside Is Weather

    Guava, Coconut, Passionfruit Sour


    Drinking a Coconut Guava Sour in the winter? Ignore your instincts, we’re going to be your instincts. It’s cold outside, don’t do anything, the less you do the more you do. Crack open a fresh sour and let’s go surfing, everybody’s learning how!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8

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