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Revenge Of The Narc


On June 6 2018 we created a beer so packed with C-hop flavour we couldn’t contain it… Fast forward to the year 2022… The NarC is back!!! With even more juicy C-hop action than before, “REVENGE OF THE NARC” features hops crushed and smashed into every man way, port and exit tunnel possible until it was literally exploding with juicy C-hop character. It’ll have you engaging in illegal activities… but beware the NarC is always watching…

ABV : 6.7% IBU : 30

We brewed this hoppy IPA with a bit of Columbus and a lot of Cascade & Citra in an effort to bring balance and complexity to “old school” hops. With notes of grapefruit and orange, this haze bomb is thick and soft.

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