Do you have a patio?

Summer 2023 will see the opening of a semi-permanent patio, open from May to September.

Are dogs allowed on the patio?

Dogs are not allowed on the patio or taproom, except for certified service animals. Dogs may be tied up under our covered bike parking in front of the taproom with ample shade and water dishes available.

Do you serve non-alcoholic beverages?

We carry a variety of non-alcoholic options such as drip coffee, hot tea, juice boxes, craft soda, kombucha, and a non-alcoholic beer option. See our taproom menu for our current offerings.

Do you fill growlers?

After much debate, we have chosen to no longer offer growler fills. Due to inherently limited shelf-life, sanitization limitations, and the wastage involved, the quality and consistency of our premium products cannot be guaranteed or maintained when packaged as a growler. Streamlining off-sales has also allowed us to expand our draught-line offering. We offer our beer to-go in 473ml can 4-packs and singles.

Want to get the best deal? Mix & match 4 single cans and receive 10% off the single pricing. Join the Beer Club and save 15% on all merchandise and off-sales purchases, including mix & match 4-packs. More info on the Backcountry Brewing Beer Club can be found below.

Can I buy Backcountry beer in Alberta?

Currently, our products can only be found within British Columbia, primarily in Squamish, along the Sea to Sky corridor, around Vancouver Island, and the lower mainland.

Do you ship beer?

We do not ship beer directly to consumers. Ask your local beer & liquor vendor to stock our products if they don’t already!

Do you ship merchandise?

We do ship merchandise. Please visit our online merchandise store.

Are you hiring?

We are often hiring across our multiple departments. Visit our ‘Jobs’ page on Facebook or find us on Indeed for current postings. Following us on social platforms is also a great way to stay informed about openings and other news surrounding the brewery.

Do you have gluten-free beer?

We do not offer gluten-free beer. Some of our beers such as lagers and pilsners have little to no gluten, but because of shared equipment (think grain mill) and the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee or label any of our beers as 100% gluten-free.

Do you have vegan/gluten-free food options?

We do have vegan and dairy-free options. Being a brewery & pizza restaurant, our gluten-free experience can be limited, but we always do our best to accommodate! Visit our taproom menu for current offerings or give us a call in the taproom to explore options.

Can I order take-out food over the phone?

When business levels allow, we are happy to offer take-out over the phone. We may discontinue to-go orders at any time if needed. Our priority is taking care of our guests on-site first. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Do you play sports on TV?

We do not typically broadcast events on television as we play music in the taproom and like to encourage human interaction! In certain circumstances, or for special events, the taproom manager may opt to broadcast on the TV/projector – such as the Olympics, for example.

Where can I find a specific beer near me?

Please visit the ‘Where To Buy’ page of our website to find Backcountry Brewing retailers based on geographic location. We have a broad offering that changes frequently. Contacting retailers directly is recommended.

What beer do you have in stock now?

Visit the Our Beers page of our website for current can availability at the brewery.

Are you bringing back the Jeffrey sour?

No comment.

Can I rent a keg?

We rent kegs! Stock and availability change daily. Pre-orders are strongly encouraged. Please email or call (604) 567-2739 and follow the prompt for the order desk to inquire. Deposits apply.

Are you open on holidays?

We are open on all holidays with the exception of Christmas day, December 25th.

Do you take reservations?

We do not currently take reservations, our taproom policy is first-come, first-served. With our expanded seating area open, wait times are very minimal.

Can I book the room for an event?

Contact us with your event details at .

Are kids allowed in the tasting room?

Minors are allowed in the tasting room but must be seated prior to 8 PM and accompanied by an adult.

What charities/events do you support?

We support the BC SPCA, the BC Cancer Foundation, Community Christmas Care, and the IRSSS on an annual basis with recurring campaigns. We also support the Diversity in Brewing Scholarship, The Canadian Red Cross, Second Harvest Canada, the Squamish Access Society, and a variety of other organizations and events.

How do I join the beer club? Can I do it online?

Joining the beer club is as simple as spending $150 pre-tax in our merchandise store (excluding beer) at the brewery in Squamish. The retail attendant will take some basic information from you (name, phone number, email), and voila! You are now in the Backcountry Beer Club and entitled to 15% off all merch and off-sale purchases (this does not apply to taproom purchases). Simply mention that you are part of the beer club on your subsequent visits! Joining the Beer Club must be done in person.

What is the best way to stay current on Backcountry Brewing happenings?

Follow us on Instagram @backcountrybrewing! We are also present on Facebook, YouTube & Tik Tok.

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