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  • I'll Take You To The Candy Shop

    Fuzzy Peach Sour

    4PK $21.95

    This kettle sour has been bombed with thousands of pounds of peach puree and then conditioned on a stupid amount of fuzzy peach gummies. One taste of what we got and we’ll have you spending all you got. Let us take you to the candy shop.

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • Might As Well Go For A Soda

    Cherry Cola Sour

    4PK $21.95

    Cherries and cola gummies were just some of the ingredients used to make this flash from the past. It’ll have you screaming for a liter of cola… meow.

    ABV : 6% IBU : 8
  • If You Like Making Love At Midnight

    Pina Colada IPA

    4PK $21.95

    I was tired of my ol’ IPA
    Hops & malt have been together too long
    So I wrote to the personals
    For a place to belong…

    ABV : 6.7% IBU : 40
  • Living In A Van Down By The River

    West Coast Pale Ale

    4PK $17.50

    We are beyond stoked to once again collaborate with Arc’Teryx for the 2022 Climbing Academy which takes place August 26-28, 2022 right here in Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish)!⁠
    Click the link for more info.

    ABV : 4.5% IBU : 25
  • You Stop Laughing Right Meow

    Mexican Lager

    4PK $16.95

    All right meow. Hand over that Mexican lager. Hurry up meow. Do you know how crispy and delicious this beer is? Not so funny meow, is it? Enjoy this lager with lime and salt like you’re on the beach right meow. You boys like Mexico?! Meow.


    ABV : 5% IBU : 20
  • I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

    Orange Creamsicle Sour

    4PK $21.95

    For this beer we used an ungodly amount of tangerine drowned in an ocean of vanilla soaked on a mountain of orange zest then smashed through a nickel sized hole with a fist full of coconut for that extra decadent flavour.

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • The Floor Is Guava

    Guava Sour

    4PK $21.95

    Guava on da loose, guava on the moose. Soured to perfection and packed with mountains of guava to keep you bouncing off the walls like you’re fresh outta grade school.

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • Tangerine Widowmaker



    Widowmaker IPA loaded with Tangerine puree to compliment the Citra hops that are a signature element of this IPA.

    ABV : 6.7% IBU : 30
  • Would You Tell Picasso To Sell His Guitars?

    Pale Ale

    4PK $17.50

    I pledge allegiance – to the brewery – of Backcountry – and will not fight them – for creative control – and will defer to them on all issues related to the brewing direction of the beer. Today’s assignment, kick some ass!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 30
  • Run Forest Run

    Light Lager

    4PK $16.95

    Mama always said: “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” But with Backcountry, you always know what you’re gonna get! Whether refueling after a tree climb, having worked your axe off, washing down a beef bun or simply beating the heat in the stands, this crushable lager is here to quench that lumberjack-sized thirst. ⁠

    ABV : 4.5% IBU : 20
  • Mine Goes To Eleven

    Mango, Coconut, Lime Sour

    4PK $21.95

    In ancient times… before the dawn of history no one knows what it is or what we did. It’s actually quite unbelievable but we turned up our fruit dose to 11. Why wouldn’t we make ten the highest? Because we can turn it up to 11…

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • Pool Shower

    Fruit Punch Sour

    4PK $21.95

    Is there anything better than starting off your day with a half gallon of kool-aid? Of course not because that’s what adult men do. Plus it’s low calorie and high on vitamin C. So go for that run, shower in the pool and crush those 120oz of kool-aid big boy!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8

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