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  • Nuke It From Orbit, It's The Only Way To Be Sure

    Citra West Coast IPA


    Another glorious day in the brewery! A day in the brewing department is like a day on the farm. Every beer’s a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! And every canning day a parade! I love this brewery! Cheers!

    ABV : 7.0% IBU : 50
  • Daffy Twister Spread

    Pale Ale


    This beer is for all the planetary ski bum healers out there couch surfing their way to the next epic powder day. Brewed with Sultana, Southern Passion and Citra. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 25
  • Might As Well Go For A Soda

    Cherry Cola Sour


    Cherries and cola gummies were just some of the ingredients used to make this flash from the past. It’ll have you screaming for a litre of cola…meow.

    ABV : 6.0% IBU : 8
  • Don't Call Me Shirley

    Simcoe IPA


    She’s back for a 4th time and is packed with all the 2020 Simcoe you can handle. It’s an entirely different kind of hopping rate, all together…

    ABV : 6.5% IBU : 35
  • Thank God I Brought My Hiking Loafers

    Bavarian Lager


    Whether trekking through the Alps or here at home on the Coast we recommend you dawn your finest hiking loafers for ultimate style and comfort. Brewed with floor malted pilsner to create a rich, malty character. Pinkies up!

    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 22
  • Doublemaker

    Widowmaker Double IPA


    Everything you love about Widowmaker just with double the pleasure and double the fun. Packed with an absurd amount of selected 2019 Mosaic and Citra this beer really brings that hop saturation you know you need. Cheers!

    ABV : 8.0% IBU : 40
  • Flipadelphia



    Flip, Flip, Flipadelphia! This Kolsch has been brewed with German Pilsner Malt and a splash of Citra. Bring it jabroni – we’re waiting!

    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 20
  • Pulp Can Move, Baby!

    Orange and Amaretto Sour


    Hey! We drink healthy! If we have to take out a few brewers eyes in the process that’s the brakes! Our sour base with huge doses of orange puree, orange zest and a hint of amaretto. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • That's No Moon

    Galaxy IPA


    An elegant IPA for a more civilized time. Head for that small moon… I have a bad feeling about this! Let this beer destroy your taste buds like the empire did Alderan!

    ABV : 6.7% IBU : 30
  • Punch It!

    Galaxy IPA


    The Kessel Run in 12 parsecs? Done! Outrunning imperial star cruisers? It does it all! This IPA is fast enough for you old man! Let’s Punch It!

    ABV : 6.7% IBU : 30
  • Haven't We Had This Conversation Before?

    Czech Pilsner


    Haven’t we brewed this beer before? Yeah, maybe we have. Czech Pilsner Baby! Cheers!

    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 25
  • You Look Like You Live With Your Mother



    Who doesn’t want an IPA? It’s hazy.. It’s hoppy.. It’s delicious! This one is loaded with so much Mosaic and Eldorado it will have you double dipping. It’s gold Jerry! It’s gold!

    ABV : 5.7% IBU : 30

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