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  • Beer du Jour

    Helles Lager


    Our helles lager is brewed with Mandarina Bavaria hops. Recommended by Flo. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.0% IBU : 20
  • Is That You Dad?

    Raspberry Sour


    As a young curious Boysenberry what do you do when you are the illegitimate love child of multiple berries? You go searching for your father with a thick creamy sour passion!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • VCBW Collab

    Double Dry Hopped Pilsner


    In collaboration between Backcountry, Beere and Coast Mountain this year’s Vancouver Craft Beer Week collaboration beer is a double dry-hopped pilsner.

    ABV : 7% IBU : 35
  • Mash Brothers



    This DIPA (Double IPA) was forged in the depths of Backcountry with our Wildcat homies Against the Grain Brewing from the good ol’ US of A.

    ABV : 8% IBU : 69
  • I Was In The Pool!



    This super sessionable ISA features hop varietals Vic Secret, Mosaic and Simcoe. Though hopped at our standard IPA rate the alcohol percentage has experienced significant shrinkage.

    ABV : 3.4% IBU : 20
  • Surely You Can't Be Serious

    Mosaic IPA


    Copious amounts of Mosaic combined with a subdued bitterness and soft mouthfeel make this beer dangerously drinkable. Cheers!

    ABV : 6.5% IBU : 30
  • Don't Call Me Shirley

    Simcoe IPA


    This IPA beer is packed full of 2017 Simcoe hops creating an amazingly fresh and vibrant hop character. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.7% IBU : 45
  • Driving Miss Hazy

    Azacca Pale Ale


    This pale ale is light, creamy and bursting with intense fruit and citrus. In this beer, we wanted to showcase the Azacca hop, known for its lovely tropical fruit character.

    ABV : 5.7% IBU : 25
  • Off The Top Ropes

    Double IPA


    Our first canned double IPA, this beer is packed with Mosaic and Galaxy. A silky soft tropical fruit bomb that is easily crushable even at 8%. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 80
  • Sour Bastard

    Kettle Sour


    Boysenberries are the bastard child of the Rasberry, Blackberry and Loganberry and this kettle sour has been conditioned on an absurd amount of them. Huge tart jam notes abound like eating your favorite pie at grandmas. Cheers!

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • Secret Handshake

    North East IPA


    This east coast IPA is brewed in collaboration with Northwest Hop Farms. Vic Secret, Rakau and Waimea hops impart a unique tropical fruit flavour, complimented by a creamy mouthfeel and balanced bitterness. This beer is unfiltered and un-fined for maximum hop character.

    ABV : 6.7% IBU : 50
  • Stop Short Stout



    Our imperial stout collar with Twin Sails Brewing is not surprisingly an adjunct imperial stout conditioned on coffee, coconut and a hint of chai spice. At 9 percent, this beer is immensely drinkable.

    ABV : 9.0% IBU : 35

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