Backcountry Brewing
Squamish, British Columbia
Opened: April 2017

Long perceived as just a rest stop on the drive to Whistler, Squamish has become a popular option for urban expats fleeing the high cost of housing in Vancouver—an even more attractive move now that this town of 20,000 has three breweries. Backcountry, the latest to open, has a log cabin-themed tasting room offering gourmet pizza to go along with a diverse beer list. “We make a lot of lagers because we love to drink them,” says brewer John Folinsbee, who is actually best known for his (hazy) IPAs. When it comes to the future, Folinsbee is most excited by the prospect of mixed fermentation. “I want to build a barrel stable that’s big enough so we can do it properly,” he dreams. “To me, blending is what sour beer is all about.” JOE WIEBE

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Backcountry Brewing