Backcountry Brewing is a 6000 square foot brewery, tasting room, and kitchen. Given the amazing interior design of their tasting room, you will feel like you are in a backcountry ski cabin circa 1975 as it has shingles, vintage decors, lanterns, and tabletops made of local trail maps.

With their new seasonal beers launching every week, there is a new flavor for any palate. What’s even better is that they have 20 tap towers that you can choose from.

Aside from beer, they make sure to also make cider, wine, bubbles, mead, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages available.

If you are looking for a hangout place with your friends, their beer alongside their complimentary menu will surely fulfill your cravings and make your bonding moment more memorable.

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The Best Vancouver | 2021

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Backcountry Brewing