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  • I Ain’t Got Time To Bleed

    Dry-Hopped Lager

    4PK $16.95

    In a place with no rules, deep in the mountains where nothing that’s thirsty is safe… An elite brewing squad is hunting for the ultimate thirst quencher like nothing that’s been unearthed before… it’s out there waiting for you, it sees the heat of our bodies, and the heat of our thirst… let the jungle come alive and take you.⁠

    ABV : 5% IBU : 20
  • ⁠Unlimited Juice? This Party Is Going To Be Off The Hook!⁠

    Cryo IPA


    Whether you’ve been left home alone with a hidden stash of J.U.I.C.E. or you’re at the social gathering of the year do your best to be discreet. Hold on tight to your personal stash before someone catches a whiff of that sank citra, talus, and el dorado cryo haze. Do you think I could get a hit of that juice box?⁠

    ABV : 6.7% IBU : 28
  • We Musn’t Dwell, No Not Today. We Can’t. Not On Rex Manning Day.⁠

    West Coast IPA


    Oh Rexy, you’re so sexy! Say no more, mon amour. A West Coast IPA with Citra and Sabro? I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren. In honour of Rex Manning Day enjoy this clean drinking IPA. Damn the man, save the empire!⁠

    ABV : 6.8% IBU : 45
  • The Floor Is Guava

    Guava Sour


    Guava on da loose, guava on the moose. Soured to perfection and packed with mountains of guava to keep you bouncing off the walls like you’re fresh outta grade school.⁠

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • It’s Not A Man Purse. It’s Called A Satchel. Indiana Jones Wears One.

    Pale Ale


    You guys ready to let the dogs out!? Easy tiger! Some guys can’t handle Simcoe hops, but we get a lot of compliments on this; Indiana Jones drinks one. You probably hear this all the time… but this isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace, is it? ⁠

    ABV : 5% IBU : 25
  • Dead Of Night

    Galaxy IPA


    For decades we’ve pitched our tent out in this enormous night. Cared our leisure – our adventure – from the daily work and grind. Garibaldi, the black and slumbering Tusk… snow-topped domes of an untracked range. It’s always worth it. Outside your tent, you take a step back: the forest of stars.⁠

    ABV : 6.6% IBU : 28
  • I’ll Take You To The Candy Shop⁠⁠

    Fuzzy Peach Sour


    This kettle sour has been bombed with thousands of pounds of peach puree and then conditioned on a stupid amount of fuzzy peach gummies. One taste of what we got and we’ll have you spending all you got. Let us take you to the candy shop.⁠

    ABV : 5.5% IBU : 8
  • Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse⁠

    West Coast IPA


    This West Coast style IPA was brewed with clean American yeast and dry hopped with an aggressive amount of Citra & Mosaic.⁠

    ABV : 6.5% IBU : 45
  • Damn Alligator Just Popped Up! Cut Me Down In My Prime⁠



    In 1965, Sports Illustrated said he was going to be the next Arnold Palmer. He thought he had it all figured out, but one unsuspecting day, Chubbs hooked the ball in the rough by the lake and his life would never be the same… Emmy Award winner Carl Weathers is… Chubbs Peterson.⁠

    ABV : 6.7% IBU : 30
  • You Stop Laughing Right Meow⁠

    Mexican Lager


    All right meow. Hand over that Mexican lager. Hurry up meow. Do you know how crispy and delicious this beer is? Not so funny meow, is it? Enjoy this lager with lime and salt like you’re on the beach right meow. You boys like Mexico?! Meow. ⁠

    ABV : 5% IBU : 20
  • They Didn't Even Massage The Kale

    West Coast Pale Ale

    4PK $17.50

    “There’s something wrong with this salad.”⁠

    “I think they forgot to massage the kale bro.”⁠

    “Massage the kale? Kale gets a massage?”⁠

    “Don’t worry, if you come to Backcountry rest assured that our kale has full benefits and will be fully relaxed, massaged and ready for consumption.”⁠

    ABV : 5.3% IBU : 35
  • Seamus Finnigan

    Dry Irish Stout

    4PK $16.15

    When you’ve got a particular proclivity for pyrotechnics and you’re waiting for your eyebrows to grow back, this stout will help soothe what ales you! ⁠

    ABV : 4% IBU : 20

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